Fire Island Pines Volunteer Fire Department

2012 Special Heroes Award

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Being a firefighter in the Fire Island Pines Volunteer Fire Department is both rewarding and challenging responsibility. For many, the rewards include being part of a dedicated team that always looks out for one another; responding to your neighbors' emergencies, and having friends thankful that you are there to help and protect them and their property from the destructive force of fire.

Challenges are ever present: responding to your first alarm and remembering to remain calm and clear headed, following directions and making quick decisions. Volunteer firefighters are tested constantly, because they are the “first responders.”

The Pines community is all about rest, relaxation, social events, and recreational activities. For volunteer firefighters volunteering their time on a warm summer day while everyone else is at the beach, responding to an alarm in the middle of a dinner party, and foregoing the dance party because they’ve been called to assist a neighboring fire department are all part of the responsibilities.

We at SAGE are proud to honor the Fire Island Pines Volunteer Fire Department for their remarkable dedication, courage and help fighting and controlling the devastating fire in the Pines this past winter.

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2012 Officers And Active Members

Matthew Cashman

Bo Fridsberg
1st Assistant Chief

Michael Greenberg
2nd Assistant Chief

William Rivera

Ray Lucia

Health & Safety Team

Holly Teague
Safety Officer

Active Members

Engine Company
*Captain Doug Teague
Lieutenant David Seeds
Ryan Bell
*Walter Boss
Ed Candreva
*Jay Demeusy
Eric Von Kuersteiner

Hose Company
*Captain Joe Geiman
Lieutenant Mark Gazdik
Richard Barry
Mark Basta
Graham Becker
Matthew Cashman
Jordan Cohen
Jon Gilbert
Andrew Jung
Ray Lucia
Kyle Merker
Michael Paley
William Rivera
Mark Ski
Robert Sperte
Charles Walden

Communication & Fire Police Company
Captain Allen Rogers
Lieutenant Ann Gentile
William Haberman
Marc Ostfield
*Rick Stein

* Ex-Chief