Pines Celebration Donation Page

SAGE'S 23rd Annual Fire Island Pines Celebration

Saturday, June 6, 2015 4PM - 6PM

At the home of Dr. Ed Schulhafer & Crayton Robey, 225 Bay Walk



Doug Harris, Andy Baker & Tami Hausman



                 Ward Auerbach
2015 SAGE Pines Leadership Award   
Lina Bradford
          2015 Innovator Award          
                 Walter & Karen Boss
           2015 Doris Taussig Award for Community Service


                       DIAMOND SPONSOR  
  Harvey N. Alter
in memory of Michael Young and in honor of Walter & Karen Boss
Ward Auerbach & Andy Baker
Mark McGuire & Craig E. Wilson

  Doug Harris & Bill Van Parys
Tony LaRocca & Bill Moore
Frank Stark
  Robert Alfandre
Allan Baum & Frank Liberto
Sully O. Bonnely & Robert R. Littman
Dancers Responding to AIDS
Hausman LLC
Jack & Rita Lichtenstein
James G. Pepper Fund of the Stonewall Community Foundation
Chris Rivers      

Bruce Bierman & William Secord
Walter & Karen Boss
Marc Cole
R. Scott Bromley & Tony Impavido
John Cassese & Emily Hunt
Gary Clinton & Don Millinger
Mark Coleman & Kevin McCauley
DeWitt Stern Group, Inc.
Kevin Donaldson
Bruce M. Green & Barry Icaras
Mike & Laura Hartstein
Peter Kiernan & Roy Vickery
Albert R. Lepage
Gilbert Parker
Robbie Regina & Gene Kagan
Henry Robin & Bob McGarity
Maureen & Mark Schrader
Demetri Sengos & Peter Thambournaris
James Vandernoth & Avery James
Kenneth Zarrilli & Joshua McKinney

  Charles W. Andrews in memory of J. Hyde Crawford
James Cottrell & Joseph Lovett
Jeff Haley
Jay Pagano
Barbara G. Sahlman & Ira D. Sahlman
Steel Gym






With your help, SAGE is serving our community to ensure that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender older adults have the support they need to live rich lives full of dignity and opportunity.   Your support to the 23rd Annual Pines celebration is an investment in the future of everyone in our community.  

In order to ensure that your name will be added as a sponsor on the print materials for this event, please register no later than Monday, April 27, 2015. If there are any questions, please contact Special Events Director, Kevin Stec at